Odd Things About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Relationship

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  1. If Meghan has quit her job,that means she is already engaged. Because she is under contract,plus living in Canada ,they had to handle this a little differently. She is already betrothed to Prince Harry. That is why he has not flirted or been seen with other ladies and she has shut down her social media pretty much. Her mom was in London last month. I love the way both princes took control over their love lives.

  2. Why can't the Queen accept Meghan? She accepted the witch Camilla. At least Meghan is a working girl. She does charity work too. She respect the royal family. God bless her.

  3. These jealous Becky's and Ming Lee's love to hate beautiful black women with white men of class, wealth, power, status, fame, influence and good looks. Look at what they did with FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson relationship and Zack Efron and Sami Miro relationship. Go to the women's Instagram accounts and read the comments from those jealous racists. Why does the world have problems with bwwm relationships (and mainly bully the black woman) but anyone else its okay? SMFH. That's how you know people are intimidated by beautiful, strong, wealthy, influential black women because every time a white man is with them there is a public meltdown and outcry from all over!

  4. I think Princess Diana would be very disappointed if Prince Harry married this older, experienced divorcee. If Harry thinks he wishes he were just a "regular" guy, he doesn't KNOW how lucky he has it!

    Also, markle wouldn't be interested in him at all if he was just a regular guy. Harry, you are a ROYAL, be proud of that & do your duty as God ordained you to be!

  5. For you femi-nazis commenting on here, I hate to bust your bubble, but he's just sowing his royal oats as his dad did with American black women back in the day. Once he gets tired of f@cking her, he will move on, and when he marries it will be to another royal, or at worst a commoner like his brother.

  6. I am sorry but ever Black and White girl you can name in Hollywood is always hot.

    I love when they look like both as Meghan and it clashes. Her hair is her mommy, her nose is her dad's. Her eyes, and mouth is her mom and her skin is in between them both.

  7. in my mind being a Hollywood star is much better than being a princess ,first you made your own name star . second you wouldn;t have an old women as queen tell you what to do ,I hope she wakes up before it ends in a care accident .

  8. she dumped the other guy as soon as prince harry showed an interest in her. from this I think that she is just using him for a title and before she was dating prine harry I didn't know who she even was. harry is a genuinely good person and I feel like she is using him.

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