One-Hit Wonders You Had No Idea Are Dead

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  1. I didn't know that Scatman John was dead until one day I was telling my young cousins about this crazy song from the 1990's called Scatman. I decided to Google him and saw that he had passed.

  2. Did you really suggest that DJ EZ Rock created that song and that his creation was sampled?
    The part that was sampled, both in his fun version, as in later versions, wasn't from EZ Rock… it came from 'Think (about it)' from Lynn Colins.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKix_06L5AY start listening from 1:20 for everything featured in the rap hit. The bridge of that song makes up the entire sample it was based on.
    Both the breaking beat, the chorus line 'It takes two etc', as even the backgrounds shouts and grumps all came directly from that song.
    Lynn Colins was sampled over and over again, and her particular funky version of that song.
    Without saying the rap version wasn't fun, but it was laying vocals over samples of that song, nothing more was added, at all.

  3. When they say "lesser known" I think you have to take into consideration this generation. When Kanye West, Rhianna and Paul McCartney did that song together, there were people who LEGITMATELY thought Kanye had discovered Paul. A whole generation who know nothing about the Beatles. Kids today who think music from 2000-2010 is OLD SCHOOL.

  4. kevin dobrow… another powerfull voice and great talent once again lost to drugs.. dont understand that shit at all. got the world by the balls and piss it away.. but everyone has their demons i guess..

  5. How hypocritical to call a band like quiet riot a one hit wonder and then turn around and make the statement that their carreer spanned over 20 years! You idiot one hit wonder means a no name band not heard of before the one hit, and not heard of again, AFTER the one hit! This is mostly something that happen to solo artists or fabricated bands ! And usually the song is either fully or at least in part , written by someone other then the artist singing it !

  6. "….a cover of lesser known band Slade…"???? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? Slade were fucking HUGE!! Far FAAR more successful than poxy Quite Riot could ever have wished in their wildest dreams! Total FAIL!!! The ONLY decent thing Quite Riot produced was Randy Rhodes, and he had to leave them to get famous!!

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