One In A Million Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Have Actually Happened

Coincidences baffle the mind and make you wonder just what exactly is going on with this strange universe of ours. Coincidences don’t come around every day, …


  1. I had something even more crazy happen to me, there where 2 people we met in istanbul that did not know each other, we met those same two people boarding a plane a month later in a different city (they dont know eachother so what are the chances)

  2. This sounds totally fake but I assure you it's true. When I was a baby my parents and I were on a balcony and I was just crawling around on top. My parents looked away for a second and I fell off the balcony, but a nail sticking out of the side of the balcony caught my diaper and I didn't die. If the nail wasn't there I would most likely be dead

  3. My wife & I separated with not much contact after that. I was contacted by a production company filming for a murder mystery show. They wanted me to play a priest /confessor to Ian Brady who was an infamous murderer. The actor who was to play Brady went out the day before and got himself a crazy hair cut. Meaning he couldn't play the role. While in situ I asked couldn't I play Brady? I look similar enough. The production company agreed. So I was waiting for a camera unit to come back from location with the cast of an earlier scene.
    In walks my ex-wife who unbeknownst to me had taken up doing some acting and extra work. I asked her what she was doing there?
    She said "I'm playing Moira Hindley"

    Moira Hindley was Ian Brady's Partner in crime called the Moors murderers.

    How Freaky is that?

  4. My father and I were born February 17…. 17 years after my parents were married, my grandfather from my fathers side died on February 17. My grandfathers birthday was July 17. That number 17 man! Lol

  5. In the London terrorist attack, when you said "tube trains", You put a background picture of a terrorist attack that happened 1 year before that in Spain. It was in 11th March 2004, which was also the date of the tsunami in Japan (excluding the year). Just wanted to point out the error and the coincidence.

  6. heres one i had a dream that my friend told me to cross the road then a red truck passed by then i woke up i went outside we went on a mall and my friend said cross that road over there then i said no then a frickin red truck passed by at the same moment like wtf i was so shocked like damn

  7. As a Prison Officer I came to the aide of a fellow Officer who was being stabbed. In turn I was stabbed four times in the thigh, surprisingly not disabling me! and I was then able to disarm and subdue the attacker. Later I discovered why I was not felled. On this one day I had forgotten to remove my car keys from my pocket and upon examination discovered four holes, that did not completely penetrate, a key tag attached to my keys.

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