OUT OF JAIL! (Brandon Carter Returns)

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  1. These cops now a days are just….seriously a prank goes wrong and they just tackle you to the ground and don't let you say a word is just cra cra then your friend gets to go or free but you go to jail and court with charges is just crazy and plus Conner's hand was ready for a high five then the cops push you away sorry cops but we all need fun in our lives if we never have a fun part of our lives,we would be this tough stone #Copshouldlearntohavefun

  2. Dear Brandon I am sorry that you got sent to jail I know it was just a prank and mistake but next time be more careful I look up to you be strong be brave yours sincerely Assad Warishally

  3. While I wouldnt call Brandon stupid my street Spidey sense of Connor Murphy is going off big time. The comparisons in treatment by the police just seem way too different and the subtle digs in the subtitles kinda pissed me off…..trine? Really??? Brandon, I hope you nothing but continued success but you read and have inspired me to read too many books to not be aware. Stay woke, bro….and get your Carlton Banks ass a good lawyer!!!

  4. Am I slow or missing something?
    Why the hell couldnt you bond out the next day?

    I got a felony charge in Dallas Tx and was out the next day.
    5000$ bail, paid bails bond 500$(10%) and was out the next day……

  5. Absolute bullshit. criminal record has nothing to do with this but sadly the color of his skin does. I literally just stumbled across this and it made my blood boil to the extent I had to comment. which I very rarely, if ever do.

    I watched Connor Murphy's channel re: this. I don't understand how this is even an issue anymore? Idiots too proud to admit they're wrong? and/or racist?

    at very least there's more then enough proof this was a prank they have nothing on you man. Wish this shit didn't happen anymore. keep your head up.

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