Peach and Blueberry Pound Cake Feat. Chobani #spons

I teamed up with Chobani Yoghurt to create this delicious Pound cake. The yoghurt makes this cake perfectly moist and the mix between peaches and …


  1. Very disappointed : ( I made this as per the recipe on the website with SIX eggs – a complete sloppy disaster, despite keeping it in the oven for about an hour and a half. Totally confused by the two different methods, as I am not an instinctive baker – I always have to follow baking recipes to the letter. After reading the comments here, I may try again using two eggs and the method in the video.

  2. I got confused with the recipe on your website too. I will use two for now, following the video but it will be great if you can clarify the right amount on your website..

  3. Like always great cake recipe

    Can we use regular yogurt in it? If not then what r the specific qualities of that particular yogurt because that I am afraid, will not be available at our place.

  4. Donal collab with Manuela Kjeilin….She is a wonderful pastry chef.n she is from Sweden n ur wife is too from Sweden…She will definitely lub your n Manuela collaboration…..as well as your viewers…

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