PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Skydiving Edition)

This month’s People are Awesome compilation is a skydiving special featuring incredible footage of base jumps, paragliding, wingsuit flying, freeflying and …


  1. I love skydiving but base jumping scares the sh*t of me. I think b/c you can identify the height unlike skydiving. Skydiving your mind cannot comprehend the height on freefall, all you see is large squares, sections of land really (if not cloudy) & again you have 13,000 feet between you & the ground, so height is not a factor of fear. I can't stand to be on the edges of buildings, up high, etc. but I love skydiving safely. I'm not an expert, but do it for fun & if you're safe about it, it can be a very fun sport/hobby. It's almost always experienced skydivers that get hurt after getting too comfortable w/themselves, their skills & pushing the limits & even downgrading to smaller/faster flying canopies, pulling later, swooping, fast flying canopies, etc. etc. but those are even hundreds to thousands of jumps in. Please, if you've ever wanted to skydive, don't let fear of heights deter you, I promise it is not a factor. Skydiving is such a beautiful experience you'll never forget. I became addicted however my first jump & love going through the AFF levels to get better & more experienced. It's worth the time & money. It's a great confidence building, skill building hobby as well.

  2. Ohhh memories… every time I watch this I remember the day I jumped out of an airplane. The sensation of freedom is unique, especially in the free fall. It’s just amazing. My recommendation to everyone who want to do that, but is too scared is: just do it, even if you are terrified, because in the end of the day you will be so happy that you will want to do it again.

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