People Who Changed Their Bodies To Gain Superpowers

Becoming a superhero is easier than you think nowadays – thanks to technology and what’s known as biohacking. Here are the bravest people to transform their …


  1. 10:38 ok if i ever loose my eye. and get this prostetic eye that can glow red. they better give me a speaker i can wear that plays the terminator theme when i activate that red light

  2. heh I never ever had the flu and never never had any flu shots and have been around people with the flu even been sneezed on buy a few people and still no flu. and I even can tell wear police radars are hehe I don't speed but my friends always like me to go with them all over town 😀

  3. I don't have a problem with people using technology for medical reasons to make up for what happened to them. The problem is people are starting to think this kind of thing is cool and some will happily hack off a limb or 2 or an eye so they can look the same or better as technology advances. More dangerous still is when the choice to not do this kind of thing is no longer ours and it will happen not for awhile but that's the direction we are headed.

  4. Oh good grief…just ..no. The people saying they want to do all of these are playing waaaaay too many fantasy video games instead of living natural life and reality ,the way God intended. We weren't made to be computers..smh

  5. I wonder what could be possibly done to a healthy eye with that #1 substance… Maybe extreme light sensitivity and if used only on one eye, some other problems, but fuck it, I'm curious.
    Oh, and probably there is an easier way with temporary pupil dilating substances, but the thing is, that it's like temporary… Meh… Dilemma

  6. People can do to themselves whatever they want. It's ok when one lost a limb or eye in an accident and then replaces them with a special gadget…why not? However, the guy with an ear on his arm or the antenna guy just seems plain stupid to me. Kudos to the snake guy. Making antidote isn't all that easy and until now they have relied on horses to produce it by injecting non-lethal doses bit by bit. He's really helping other people with his unusual self-experiment.

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