People With The Weirdest Appetites

Some people have the strangest appetites and eating additions. Lets take a look at the weird and -not so – wonderful, with the weirdest appetites ever! Subscribe …


  1. I have a weird eating addiction too. I have this everyday and sometimes stays up all night eating. My addiction has gone through the roof and I simply can't control myself. My wife complaints about it all the time that she can't bare it anymore and is too tired to the point of exhaustion. This appetite of mine has affected our marriage a lot. But she is supportive and complements me as well. In fact she enjoys my addiction and begs me to eat if stay abstained. I love her so much and reminds her everyday that she is my greatest treasure.

  2. bit misleading this one, the only proper food one was the raw meat.

    i was expecting shit like TMNT pizzas lol like marshamallow and ice cream pizza lol, or the more common and socially acceptable peanut butter and bologna sammiches.

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