Places You Won’t Believe The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence Appears

The golden ratio, or 1.618, is a proportion based on the Fibonacci sequence and can be found almost anywhere in life, probably even in the room where you are …


  1. Funny how people doesn't “believe” in the golden ratio. And I say “believe” beacause it's not about beliving, it's just how it is. The Golden ratio is used not only in paintings, also in photography. Take your cellphone and activate the grid. Well that grid it's golden ratio based. Golden Ratio it's used in what photography is called composition, like in music. If you don't belive in it, just study a little about photography, and then you will feell stupid. And I say all of this beacause when I first started studding cinematography one day the teacher showed up in the calass and started talking about why the images in movies(some of them) look so good. And he started showing daiagonal lines in the images and the golden ratio and more things, and I was like, this is a joke, right? But hell no. And later on I learned that not only the golden ratio but there was a lot of types of composition.
    So basically, yes the golden ratio it's a thing.
    BTW, my english is not that good, so I apologize if there are errors.

  2. Fuck me ..!!! The amount of plp that can't understand or think it's bullshit ..!!!! HINT=if you can't understand that's ok but stop watching and leaving dumb arse comments …!!!! Stick to things you do understand like PLAY SCHOOL..!!!!!

  3. Or it in painting and everything because it's proportional 3,6,9,rib of man womb of woman of rib man of womb two become one 3 ,man ,6 ,womb 9,self sum of the word a shall be as the sum of the word . 7 toes where you learn your letters 5 ,7 toes or meant hand 6 figures

  4. I have to do a project on this and I am fucking lost and am I only the one who thinks the mona lisa, the indian building, and the Last supper were not intended to have the golden ratio in them? I honestly just feel like people are looking way to deep into this. Us humans do tend to over complicate things

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