Post-Activation Potentiation: Why Wave Loading Works

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  1. Travis Mash (I don't know of him other than that he set some world records per body weight, so somebody correct me if he's a hack) teaches to load the bar +10% of the weight you're about to hit, unrack it and just hold for 10 seconds. Rest a minute to recover fatigue and take the +10% off, and go for your actual attempt. PAP by desensitizing golgi tendon reflex and muscle spindles.

    that seems to be a more time-effective approach to PAP than taking up a whole workout in a 5/3/1 x 2 method.

  2. I've heard this PAP can also be used for explosiveness. So wave 1
    strength workout wave 2 explosive. Example
    Squat wave 1 and Box Jumps Wave 2. I plan on using this for bench press
    with pylo pushups as well as the squats and box jumps will this still
    have the same adverse affect on my nervous system and will i need to

  3. Wave loading can be used for no longer than six consecutive weeks. Using it any long will damage the nervous system and push you well into the state called overtraining. One way to test for over training is to record resting heart rate as soon as you wake up. If it is higher than your baseline heart rate you must back down you must rest. Rest gets you stronger as well.

  4. 5/3/1 – 6 full cycles: benchpress: 75-105kg, deadlift:140-175kg, squats:120-160kg. Totalt gain: 105kg / 231lbs. Last 2cycles I've started to add accessories like biceps, gripstrength, calves, forearm and besides MP some additional shoulder exercise. (Since I felt fatigue In those during compound lifts, and I started to look a bit strange with pencil arms)

  5. Although I like your enthusiasm on the subject, I must say that you simplify a very complex subject. First of all, PAP results not simply an increased recruitment of motor units, there are many theories about effects in the descending activity of the CNS, the transmission of action potentials at the a-MNs, the neuromuscular junctions and even intramuscular twitch potentiation due to increased MLC phosphorylation. Secondly, PAP does not increase your maximum strength, it's main effect is a increase of RFD, most of which can only be observed in movements with submaximal loads.There are also documented changes in monosynaptic responses and the discharge rate of muscle spindels, but the optimal application of those in a training routine requires quite a lot experience with plyometric movement execution (which is in fact really hard for most exercises). Last but not least, it is very hard to successfully apply a potentiation effect, look at different studies, half of them show no significat results due to inefficient stimulus settings. There are many important factors that influence the net output, most of which are intraindividually very different. I've read 5/3/1 and many factors are not cosidered correctly – not meaning 5/3/1 doesn't work, it simply means that it's most likely not built on PAP effects.

  6. Did 4 waves and holy shit my 1rm just shot up from 70kg to 80kg, just by wave loading. A hint of warning though, it will certainly cause your CNS to be fried later in the day or if you're crazy enough to do wave loading before you do night shift.

  7. Did 4 waves and holy shit my 1rm just shot up from 70kg to 80kg, just by wave loading. A hint of warning though, it will certainly cause your CNS to be fried later in the day or if you're crazy enough to do wave loading before you do night shift.

  8. What do you recommend for beginners (especially female, if that applies)? If it should be used for 1 exercise per workout, what do you do for the other exercises in that same workout?

  9. Does this apply to beginners, say 2 months into training? 🙂 and is 3 sets of wave loading a good idea? Taking note I only go to the gym 4 times a week doing different routines each day so for instance I only do chest once a week!

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