Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Official TV Spot – “They’re Back”

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  1. Why is racism so common in the US? I
    wanted to see a good film, I thought that for teens in the US (which
    positions itself as a democratic country that is fighting against racism
    throughout the world), they will shoot the film without racism, but for
    some reason the Americans again spread hatred against my race! At
    the beginning of the film, two girls, negative characters with an
    obviously overpriced conceit throw their third girlfriend, it happens,
    and this is not new, but why do they both belong to the European type,
    and clearly belong to the Scandinavians or Slavs? Why is the guy who touches and tries to mock the main black character, is red and belongs to the Scandinavian people? Why does the main villain have blue eyes, what does it refer to Scandinavians or Slavs? And the main question: why in the US is so widespread racism towards my race?

  2. In my opinion they took too many liberties with this reboot. Far too many liberties. But it was still good. Some of the designs were really bad, like the Megazord and Goldar. Just awful designs, especially the Megazord, to the point where I refuse to even call it a Megazord. Yet, the new Ranger suits and Rita look amazing, in my opinion. Also there was nowhere near enough action, and the plot was basically just Day of the Dumpster but extended to 2 hours or so.

  3. Ima be honest… this movie felt like it was more about the kids lives than the Power Rangers.
    Mostly cause we had to watch them bond the whole time just to morph for like the last 30 minutes. Since they finally can morph now, I hope the sequel will be more exciting

  4. I would like to put this power rangers on tv show than gos on until the next movie than they kind of dos the same thing like marvel tv show than hits ready for next movie?

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