Raychiel, the most hated big butt model?

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  1. thats me all day love it because they except when we are not what they want us to be instead of how we really are so its not u honey doll its them keep it goin i respect and love it god up

  2. Why don't you hater do this hating to Ashley Graham will you? She is in the current SI Swimsuit cover and Lane Bryant and what have you this Queen deserve the respect too I would marry Her Myself f-k you all Dislike Squad haters of this Queen

  3. Black women automatically get mad at non-black women with big asses … ….. especially when that ass is getting that much attention …..black women just need to deal with the fact that other women have ass too

  4. It has to be the lies more than anything else. She's no different than the juicers who are taking steroids, insulin, hgh, etc., yet they claim to be 100% natural. Not only are they taking steroids, they're taking all of these other compounds. People new to fitness think their bodies can be achieved naturally, but they actually can't even be achieved with steroids. All of the other substances are needed, too.

  5. her butt is real, her breasts are real, what people do not like it's the fact that she has Photoshop her waist to make it seem like It was smaller to make a hips bigger actually she's a little out of shape with the little tummy but actually the body itself is real as in the vladtv video it shows her hips and breasts and real she is just little fatter than she proclaims. no one denied her beauty and her shape is just that she was going around saying that she had a flat stomach waist is smaller than normal for her frame. the interview proved that she did not have a flat stomach she actually had a rather big stomach but as far as the shape everything just all natural but she's not in shape with the natural you get what I'm saying Philko.

  6. One thing about vladtv on youtube, they got this group called the DISLIKE SQUAD, that what they called themselves, they going to dislikes any interviews with video vixens or strippers and porno stars, they just do it for fun, they just dumbasses. but me, i dont hate her

  7. I don't hate her, and to each their own, but she looks like a cartoon character. Its like she used an air pump to enlarge the parts of herself she thought men (and women) would find attractive. So Yeh, I don't feel it's real. Not hatin, just sayin. Also, if she gets famous by that, good for her, she did something right if that happens. Never wish the downfall of another, it only says something about oneself. Good luck.

  8. Yea it's not real not hating on her but the body parts these women focus on.. is that they make the parts too extreme witch allows people to see that it's clearly fake and most women walk funny with shows that they have to still get use to the weight that's been added to their bodies

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