Rich Piana & Dallas McCarver Are Dead | MY THOUGHTS & REACTION

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  1. It's been a sad month for the Fitness Industry. Our hearts go out to the friends, family and loved ones of these two and I hope they find a way to mourn their loss in peace. R.I.P. Rich & Dallas.

  2. While I feel these lazy, drug-abusing, criminal BodyCheaters (cannot be Bodybuilders since that implies leading a physically and mentally well-balanced healthy lifestyle) are wrecking the lives of impressionable naive youth, dimwitted grown men who should know better and who know they are doing something wrong,–and let's not forget the other assorted scumbags who lack moral courage–there is no doubt that pissing-away 30, 40 or more years of their lives is equally devastating on their families who suffer the consequences of these destructive lifestyles. Sad, but true. Hopefully, people will get back to fitness and buildings fulfilling lives and not ones of drugs, pain and misery.

  3. Just today, I watched a video from Rich Piana where he said he was using steroids for 25 years and is perfectly healthy. The same day, I learn that he is dead and was only 46 years old at the time of his death; his cause of death was a heart attack. This makes me suspect he was not as healthy as he thought. It is a shame steroids have so many negative side effects, they'd be awesome if they didn't.

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  5. Lets not sugarcoat this bullshit… Risking your health for vanity, and putting so many resources into it, is pure buffoonery. No other animal on earth would do this. The priorities of bodybulding has been long twisted, and deeply rooted in dysmorphia and low self esteem, it is an abomination of what it aspired to be: a healthy great example of a person. There is nothing great about this lifestyle, and its sad many youth fall into the image.

  6. In fact Rich has survived for a long time for someone doing all that crazy amount of steroids and other drugs like HGH and synthol, pmma , and other things we may never know , And he did it for many many years.. I can't believe he lived til 2017

    So anyone thinking about going the same route expect even worse scenarios ..

  7. Shut the fuck up. Everybody is making this about steroids. He abused cocaine, adderall, and opiates but sure. It was the fucking juice. huh. pls.

  8. Treat your body as a temple. Never be desperate to go down the path of performance enhancing drugs. They are and abomination to the Fitness Industry. Can we all learn from our mistakes?

  9. "Leaning out for a shoot"  with all due respect… even such actions causes the illusion that that's how you look all the time. And that is sad…. I wish you would promote what is real … a real look.

  10. I love you Scott. You look genuinely sad in this video and that is a great thing. But do not hide your sadness, do not be a witnesser to adversity. You can hate a man and also love him. You can despise a man and let him be destructive. You can own a stance and know that's it's broken.

  11. I absolutely love the realness you brought to this. It's crazy what and where the industry is coming and going. It's really amazing what you are doing here. Thanks for posting this video

  12. I don't fault you at all for making a video on the subject. People should be talking about it. I love your philosophy of nutrition and proper lifting vs. drug use.

  13. Why are people so enamored with trying to impress other people? Like….who.the.fuck.cares. Stop being females and start being men. Men don't give a fuck what other people think, women do.

  14. It really is a shame that these guys have passed away, these guys are more like science labs though, there's nothing fitness about their lifestyle. Just when and what drugs to take at what time etc

  15. Rich and i are the same age. I have been working out 10 years longer then him and yet i am not even half his size. I have been natural all my life. Rich choose the path he choose. He died a legend. I am a no one. I am ok with being a nobody with a long life. (hopefully) I feel for the ones he left behind. Very well done video Scott!

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