Secret Hidden Symbols in US Dollars

U.S. Dollars are the most important currency in the world but few actually take a moment to contemplate the reasons behind the strange marks and the secrets …


  1. SKULL/FACE: back side, bottom left hand corner, look between the E in ONE in the corner and the O in ONE on the bottom in the middle, look at the inside of the bottom vertex in the stretched out upside down triangle. And it's smiling at you!!!

  2. "Signifies that the US prefers peace to conflict."

    that is why the US has been involved in a war in 225 of the 242 years of it's existence. You can name any year between 1776-2018 and there is an over 90 percent chance there was a war the US was involved in. lol

    And notice the 13 stars are in the shape of the star of david. Thats just a coincidence.

  3. NOTE: THIS is TOTAL BS, nothing factual about this what so ever, PURE fiction created by a weed head without a brain linked to REALLITY. Greetings from a former Royal Marine. N.B.: We ALL live in a global Royal, Nazi UN / NATO military DICTATORSHIP with Agenda 21 aka Deathcodes and Deathpanels – IDIOTS LIKE THIS WANT YOU TO CONTINUE SLEEPING AND NEVER WAKE UP -just like himself !!!! < > z Z z Z z Z z Z z……

  4. You know what the "spider webs" actually are? Look at it closely it actually looks more like a MATRIX! Are we living in a simulated reality perhaps??

  5. So the other notes dont show the twin towers smoking or the hoover damn floodind! This presentation was brought to you by the masons! In Gold Oil Drugs we trust!

  6. I have a question…why is tha UE represented by 12 stars…afterthe America call the number 13 on stars? the ue recognize himself to be the second in comand in the world?…or it is a corection about the US dollar…that their are just 12 world power contry in the world that they lead?..so…who are the powerfull in the world?…UE…or Us? .. I bellieve that this items…and symbols are to show the world who is the greatest…

  7. There's nothing new in the world that was not there in the past. All the symbols used in the dollar bill and the pillar monument in every government place in the world are all ANCIENT KHEMET EGYPT.

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