Short Skirts and Rip Off Artists

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  1. The only reason the vlogs can be interesting is if you deliver something to people that they don't already know or they are doubtful about that or you show yourself acting on things that you say. It's the inherent baseline message that you present creatively to your audience that matters. Now as far as copying is concerned it's okay to learn from someone like casey and build up your style, like inserting time lapses etc. However, the inherent message that you have to deliver if you do that exactly like casey or someone else, it's not that it's bad to do its just that you won't be able to make an impact on people that people like casey do. Uniqueness to approaching things is what matters.

  2. I understand your point of view, but there is a good quote: "If you think you are original, you are ignorant if you think no one had this idea before and lazy cause you have not done enough research". But I totally agree with you on the actual rip-off side.

  3. Casey, why don't you tell us where did you get your "inspiration" for the studio? Was it from Tom Sachs studio?
    please tell us Casey and be a man about it. There is no such thing as 100% originality

  4. If you're accusing others of copying Casey, you need to check out Tom Sach's videos. That's the artist that Casey worked for, and Casey uses his style from his filmmaking, to the organization of his studio. Yet Casey didn't credit him as one of his inspirations.

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