Shoulder Mobility Drill FIX CRACKING SHOULDERS!

Make gains without the pain by training like an athlete here http://athleanx.com/x/get-gains-without-the-pains If you get pain or cracking in your shoulders during …


  1. Ive finally found a video which has somewhat of a solution to this issue, ive tried telling my mates that i always get this clicking in my shoulders and cant do some exercises and they never knew how to fix it.


  2. I start working when i was 12 years like from construction to working in restaurants I had to survive, and I damage my back and shoulder sense then everything I do my shoulders pop or crack and because of this every time I have to stop going to the gym because of the shoulder pain now im trying again and this is the best feeling ever feel in my shoulders is just amazing doing this my shoulders feels so good like I never feel them like this is before is like they are not even there I think I got use to the pain and now that I dont feel it is like they are gone. thank you Jeff

    pleas correct me if I typed something wrong I like to learn….

  3. Dont know if this will generate a response but, I had problems with my shoulders in the past due to contact sports which seem to be good these days. But when I do a lat pullover, when I get to the bottom where tension is greatest my shoulder clicks and does give me discomfort. Only happens on this exercise, but I love it and want to keep it in my routine. Any ideas? Thanks

  4. We're you on True life Anger management? your face and voice sound just like one of the dudes on there… Older episode lol think his name was Joey ? He was a fitness trainer.. I remember if your the same dude Happy to see your doing good !

  5. Jeff, awesome stuff! Do you have any job openings for trainers or internship programs? This is all the stuff I do with my clients and I'm in school for exercise science. I'm debating Chiro and PT school after so I'd love to share to work with Athlean-X or even collab on videos!

  6. Hey man
    When i workout my chest i always get a burning sensation on the outside of my chest and the anterior shoulder. I have rested for more than a year but it still hurts when i work my chest. Are there any stretches for the outer portion of the pec?

    Btw, big fan of your videos, keep the good work up man.

  7. I had a bankart repair surgery and is 6months now, but I still have pains and cracks in my shoulder i guess I haven't been doing the right stuffs because there was no physiotherapist to guild me through the process, how can I fix this problem? I will do this very exercise aswel.

  8. I just did this… and before I even moved I had pop sound which I would assume was the shoulder getting reset back into it's pocket. I did a few of them along with another movement (laying on ground pushing back of hands into the floor lifting chest). I was then able to do a upright row without pain in my left shoulder. VERY COOL. Great video Jeff. Thank you!!!!

  9. Thanks. I need to clear this with my VA PT because I have SLAP and Bankhart tears in both GH joints. Please tell me what term to use when describing this distraction to him. So far we are just doing strength training before possible surgery. Do you say you had a SLAP in another video?

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