Squat Every Day Until 2015 Challenge! #SquatEverydayUntil2015

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  1. YO BRANDON! I'm just seeing this video, as I've just upped leg day from 2x a week, to 3x a week and I'm already feeling more tired than usual LMAO, but I knew that was coming, instinctively, and know it will take some time to adapt. Then I hear about this "squat every day" mindset, I'm not quite there yet, but, I would like to know how you did with this challenge, do you have a results video that elaborates on this? I may just opt to do it. No lie, even at 3x a week I feel it tests ones mettle. But just knowing there are ppl and systems that laud the benefits of daily squatting, it's made me interested, and curious! Thanks for all your contributions to the fitness world!

  2. man yuo're so fucking right. What is that shit of train one muscle once per week? is fucking ridicolous to think that your body needs 1 week to recover a muscle. I'm for sure that in the Antique greece, soldiers didnt workout a muscle once a week, they trained the whole body daily for sure, and who says you that for 1 hour of daily exercise youre gonna be overtrained?

  3. Great Video, we fall into the text book trap over and over again, the human body provided it gets the correct nutrition can adapt to pretty much anything, I did 40kg kettlebell goblet squats every day for a month ( 5 X 10 ), after 6-7 days of aching It just got easier and easier.

  4. I've noticed something from experience. I do weight training in addition to mauy thai and the first 45 min of every mauy class I do is strength and condition portion where we do body weight excersizes and it always feels good to get the blood flowing in muscle groups I hit with weights the previous day. I wonder would it make sense to squat every day but just do low resistance or even just body weight squats and alternate between high resistance wright training?

  5. isometric whole upper body contraction during the squat is even more than the deadlift because you can deadlift with a round back but you cant squat that way.

  6. yo man my favorite is squatting my weight as much as I can (100 reps if possible) and that's 135 lbs. I'm actually 125 so for me this should be some what heavy but it feels like BITCH weight now lol

  7. I accept ! Btw do you think the same goes with pull ups? Usually I'm training at 11,12 or13pm. Sometimes like at 17,18 o clock I feel like doing some more pull ups! But I'm not doing it because it's said to give muscle breaks to recover and so on.. But I'm so confused with what my body is saying and what "the rules" says.

  8. Yo Brandon, fan here. Great vids and all, but I think you should reconsider this everyday squat challenge as I found your story reasonable at first but missing an important detail. The lack of progressive overload.

    You guys thought it was hell the first few weeks yes, but after a while you guys got used to it because you were not increasing the difficulty (i.e. weight of the couches). That's not the same thing in bodybuilding though is it? You always increase the weight/rep/set to make your muscle always tear down on itself. And with it being torn down it needs time to recover and become stronger. So if you're gonna squat everyday, then I'd advise, even though I aint got no motherfucking doctor degree lol, to not increase the weight, or if you do, only do it at a relatively slower rate than you would if you had longer periods.

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