Stoned Fights: Who Should Direct the Batman? (w/ Doug Benson, Greg Proops and Horatio Sanz)

If you haven’t figured it out – Today’s installment is a special JOINT EDITION! As asked for by the fans – Dan & Andy are each teamed up with a celebrity …


  1. Greg Proops carries the entertainment factor of this car crash on his shoulders.

    I don't think Doug realises it's being filmed, and Andy and Dan seem to want to get it over with ASAP.

    But thank god for Greg. The highlight of this one.

  2. This played out the way you round expect a high episode to go. What did you guys think it was gonna be like? You guys asked for this lol. And yes Doug shouldn't have judged it.

  3. This was not as bad as I thought this would be. Surprisingly, I do like Doug Benson here, I didn't find him annoying at all here. Yeah, there was some uninteresting moments, but that wasn't really his fault.
    LOL, when he talks about how photogenic Joe Starr and Lon Harris and how they look like extras from 'Hidden Figures.' They do look really nice though.

  4. Ah, Greg Proops. I watched him on 'True Jackson, VP' when I was younger and love him on what I've seen on YouTube of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
    37:1937:57 – Brilliant. XD

    I can't believe the number of dislikes on this video. Yeah, the fights were rubbish but that pretty quickly stopped being the point. The comedy sold me.

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