Survival Riddles You Must Solve to Stay Alive

From amazing survival hacks to absurd scenarios, here are some survival riddles you must solve to stay alive. Can you defeat these ten riddles that you must …


  1. do you wanna kill peoples ? the stairs cage is the only place wich is desinged for evacuation in case of fires it is clearly written in most construction codes. and it has a fire restistance of at least an hour .
    plus there is the fire alarm and sprinklers.
    please don't belive everything these guys tell you. and now your really taking me for a dummi at the castel problem…

  2. treeand kill youruns and kill you10:if it’s charging at you and sees you hide behind a tree then it would jab his horn through the tree and kill you

  3. For the building fire it would be smarter to go down the stairs because if any where of the evevater pully were to catch fire and snap it would be worse than the stair case and the elevater would go slower than if you were going down stairs

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