Tank in NYC

Music by Chester Carbone https://soundcloud.com/prodkrupa Balloon intro by Taylor Galford https://soundcloud.com/taylorgalford add me on Snapchat …


  1. What I really got from this video. Helping someone else show them you believe in. I'm a Entrepreneur my dream is to help others looking to start their own business. Thanks for sharing Casey! love your blogs!

  2. I considered writing names down, in fact I did. After asking just 2 people, I gave up on that idea. Mostly people told me that if it was not guaranteed/instant, then it wouldnt work. Which makes no sense at all, nothing is overnight. I also had the task of learning how to do what I needed to do, what I had great interest in (Search engine optimization aka SEO). Without so much as a reliable internet connection and a desktop/laptop, I was very discouraged. But I managed, after 1.5 years of saving (Yes, it took a while), I managed to purchase a good laptop. Now for the internet, I ended up losing my service, so I used the libraries internet, mostly during the night, sitting outside after hours.

    tl;dr I built up a few clients and started to make what I considered to be "good money". More importantly, I was happy. Fast-forward a few years, I developed severe depression and lost everything. I have found it difficult to start back up again, right now I cannot even find work that allows me to have my own place. Man, I miss being financially stable.

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