The Art Of Thai Iced Tea

Here is what you’ll need! Thai Iced Tea Servings: 1-2 INGREDIENTS 2 cups water 8 tablespoons Thai tea 6 teaspoons sugar 2 teaspoons sweetened …


  1. I absolutely love Thai iced tea. My grandma is from Thailand and she used to make it like this for my mom, and then my mom would make it for my sister and I when we were kids. I would totally suggest trying this drink because it is absolutely delicious, I like it best with some beef meatball soup (:

  2. I'm Thai and in Thailand we don't use heavy cream(too expensive).
    We usually use unsweetened condensed milk.
    And Thai tea taste different from milk tea. You must try once!!

  3. So relaxing … more of these, please !!!

    Oh, oh … show us the art of professional SUSHI …
    Those chefs already look like they're making love to their work of art ^^

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