The Deep Sea – Top 10 Facts

The deep sea is the largest habitat on the planet, taking up to 95% of the earth’s living space. Yet, the deep sea also the most unexplored environment, despite …


  1. There is absolutely no question, we will find unimaginable resources in the deep sea's. We can't even explore the majority of the Oceans and Sea's, but we can obliterate this planet with nukes. If half the money that went into military and weapons research, went into Sea exploration, we could possibly eradicate many diseases. But true to mankind we would also find a way to make new discoveries extinct or dormant. I would love to be part of an exploration of untold magnitude to find and develop new ways, medicines, items etc.

  2. James Cameron, barely collected any samples. He had an issue getting his baiting platform down and had no way to attract fish. Few lifeform's were seen by him but he collected a lot of footage and many new species were discovered reviewing the footage he took. The guys in the 60s wen't deeper to but that's just me throwing shade on James

  3. We are most likely to discover outer space life then we are likely to discover every single creature in the sea. Due to what i have seen , heared and know . I can even feel people becoming affraid of what we might find underwater. Dangerous creatures are yet to be uncovered maybe even dormant that we have no knowledge of.

  4. you know what would be funny,it's that there are another human hybrid/race who live underwater and the earth's surface is the same to them as the undersea is to us.this will made my day if i'm right

  5. 7:11 Yup because you dim wits pass judgment on assumption? Assume we evolved. Assumed we couldnt possibly created written language 11,900yrs ago. Assume how our solar system was made. Assumed about the big bang. Assumtions is your pleasure.

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