The Funniest Stupid Product Ideas

Not all product ideas are as good as sliced bread. Some failed products are so obviously outrageous that they are funny. Here are the 10 Funniest STUPID …


  1. My cat doesn't like tap water, I got her used to filtered water and yes she knows the difference. She will stare until you dump out the tap water and give her filtered water.

  2. I don't see how that pet water if THAT much of a stupid idea, more like a brilliant genius idea for someone to make a crapload of money of on pet owners who will make everything they can to spoil their pet rotten…
    I mean, us, humans, habe thousands of types of drinks… SO WHY NOT PETS, TOO?! XD

  3. well. these are really stupid.Thank God I'm smart.For example,I pay 29,99 a mounth for a door bell inspector, who isnt waiting for me to open the door instead of 49.99 for the same offer..

  4. Actually 6 could have a practical use if you were in the army at war in a territory where a certain animal habitat is you coukd use the shoes to trick the enemy into thinking the tracks were made by an animal

  5. I get where they were going with the spinning chairs. Sitting in one position for a while isn't good for you. Speaking as someone who has pinched nerves in my back oh and muscle spasms.

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