“The Lion In The Room” (Why I Started Working out)

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  1. Yo Brandon can you do a video on thick barbells vs thin barbells? For some reason I can do more reps with a thin barbell. FOr example i can do 225 on the bench for 5-6 reps with the thin barbell but can only hit 2-3 on the thick barbell. I would really appreciate if you could make a video. 

  2. this is one reason why i am building, it wasnt even high school i had problems in its been the past few years assholes trying to fuck with me . most have been bigger or they out numbered me , but I still wont back down I just have found other ways to defuse or humiliate aggressors . I still need to get bigger though I think that may prevent assholes from fucking with me.

  3. I learned that at a young age from my neighbor who was in and out of the penitentiary all of his life.  Every time he got out he was ripped like he had been in bodybuilder camp, I asked him what that was about.  He said it was just for show, so people won't fuck with you! 

  4. Man, I got your ebook and most of the supplements.  You have any tips for taking that Animal Pak?  LOL…man, that's a lot of big pills.  I'm having a hard time swallowing it all.  (pause!)

  5. Dam Brandon that's solid. Lost about 20 lbs of muscle gains these last 2 years & I can tell the respect level from other people has dropped. Just got back in the gym 3 weeks ago & thats a motivating phrase "Lion in the room" is exactly how people treat you when you have the body of a warrior

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