The Most Expensive Gemstones Ever Found

Before being set into jewellery, gemstones go through a variety of steps to ensure they’re cut and polished in the most efficient way. Coming are 10 of the largest …


  1. I think you may have missed one. There's an Alexandrite that weighs 141.92 carats and is valued at over $100,000,000USD in Japan. It's in the Guinness Book of World Records.

  2. Africa has many diamonds or a lot of gemstone and I think those gemstone on royal of england is came from africa ( i just read it in onther vid.)

  3. would I keep or sell a stone like that? if i found a rock, and somebody wanted to give me millions of their own hard earned dollars for said ROCK, I would sell it in a hot heartbeat. a HOT heartbeat.

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