The Most Expensive Things Ever Thrown Away

It’s easy to accidentally throw away something you didn’t mean to. Fortunately I’ve never accidentally chucked a tire stuffed with money, a 300000 pound ring, …


  1. I found a Philips 46 inch 1080p TV in a dumpster. So I took it home, cleaned it up, plugged it in and low and behold it works! I think it got replaced by a new TV and got thrown away because there was a box to a new Samsung 4K UHD OLED TV in the same dumpster.

  2. This wasn’t thrown away but anyway I live on a farm and one day we went on a walk to find a wallet when open we found a few credit cards and about 1 million pounds in cash but we handed it in to the police

  3. You gotta be some brand new kind of stupid to think that you can run a tire filled with what you may think is evenly distributed weight of money packed inside it down a highway and expect it to stay on the wheel !!! The distorted redistributed orbital wobble of that money inside that tire's what made it end up on the side of the highway

  4. This happen to me before, one day I decided to clean my room, my room have many box so I threw them all but one of the boxes have $10,000 worth of pokemon card including a rare Charizard card from Japan but I was lucky and I found it in the trash before the trash picker threw it away

  5. I can only feel the same with the guy on number 6…. One day after returning home from university I found out my sweet,dear mother had thrown in trash my 650 GIJOE figures collection,along with 500 alien fighters,a nes with 12 games and my entire collection of game and watch ;( I almost became orphan that day

  6. I've never been a hardcore otaku but one thing I did used to collect where animation cels. Which actually would probably be worth a hell of a lot more now a days seeing as they don't exist anymore. Computers made them obsolete. When I went to jail the guy that went through my stuff tossed away about 17,000+ USD in animation cels thinking they weren't worth anything.

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