The Most Haunted Objects Of All Time

You wont believe these most haunted items. Some are haunted dolls whereas others are haunted items like the annabelle doll and an ouji board. If you ever …


  1. Every night in my room after 9 pm if I stay past that and I’m trying to go to bed a illusion of my dad or a ghost walks in and vanishes right at my window then happens also at 3 am but at 3 am it’s him on my bed then vanishes wow I have a huanted house

  2. This happened everytime at 12 am midnight the doors keep opening and closing and it jas been going on since april 2018

  3. I lived in a haunted house and it was one day that my mom took a bath and we heard foot steps in the Attic and another time was when I was watching Dora I saw a red shadow it looked like it had blood on it the house was definitely haunted

  4. These interest me because I like creepiness because of my aunt pergola who died mysteriously we never knew why but I loved him as much as he love me and he loved these things sometimes I think spirits killed him

  5. I have a puppet that looks like a skeleton that is named bobo and he moves when I’m gone and no one will be home except my grandma when I ask her did you move him from the couch to me bed she says I have been in my room all day. At 3 o’clock in the morning I woke up for some reason and went back to sleep I had a dream that he was chasing me with a knife and when I woke up the next day he was sitting on the couch in our living room when I left him in our sunroom and you have to go through the kitchen from the sunroom to get to the living room and guess what is in the kitchen knifes.One of the knifes in the knife holder is a knife that I cut my finger with by accident and in the dream he was chasing me with that knife.Its not really this bad anymore but sometimes he will just show up in different spots.

  6. When I was living at my Aunt Cindy's house there is a meanie meanie deaths in Wars back in history up that land and I did had a a doll one of the spirits possessed it me personally I can speak and see spirits people cannot see

  7. So like this one time I was in the kitchen and I just finished making a sandwich I heard a noise in the other room I was creeped out and when I came back from trying to find out what it was my sandwich had a peace bit off I was terrified please send help

  8. The Anguished Man-Believed to be the most haunted painting in the world, the featureless man presented in The Anguished Man stares wide-eyed, his lipless mouth agape as if viewing something astonishingly terrib- looks in top left corner of video

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