The Most Hilarious Design Fails Ever Made

These Most Hilarious Design Fails Ever show that minor mistakes in your idea could lead to disastrous results. What you’re about to see here are just some of …


  1. Gofd does love us no matter what gender we are. But He does not excuse sin. The Noah's Ark artist made a mistake or did that on purpose. That does not prove that God approves of Sodomy. What foolish reasoning…

  2. the picture with the horse and human is in french and says:
    The bones horses are corespondent to our own. Look at the picture beneath, it is indicated by the different colors. "note i don't know horse parts in English skipping 3 lines in middle but it goes along line their legs are like ours " Horses have like humans forearms elbows and arms.

  3. I once saw a set of stairs that led to …a ceiling :p true story. i might have the picture somewhere but meh im sure someone else had seen the same.

  4. Lol my nieces got the bleeding from the eyes minion last year some time and I remember when my sister called me over just so I could look at that demonic shit lmfao I'm glad my sister isn't raising my kids in any religion cos that shit was funny to them oppose to being scary to em

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