The Most Spoiled Brats In The World

Some incredibly overindulged kids turned out to be horrible brats. Here are the Top 10 Most Spoiled Kids in the World. Subscribe for more!


  1. My response to Lil Tay: I'm at a 10 star hotel, I got iPhone X R, and I've been drinking since I was 3.
    The 10 star hotel and iPhone part is fake, but in all honesty, my mom told me I was always begging for wine or beer a parties…

  2. Me: Holds a Iphone 4

    Spoiled/Entitled kid: Excuse me?! Why are you holding that rubbish in public. You should go back to your own poor town! We only accept Iphone X . Not ' that ' . Ur a peasant. GO AWAY! and give me that for my insta. you dont need it anyway

    Me: Ok so wot. i have a 1 cat. and u have 20 cats, 34 dogs, 3 hamsters, 6 pony's, 1 tiger and 2 monkey's. It would be an absolute pain to feed those individually without them killing each other . Hope the tiger is hungry and u find yourself locked in a room with the tiger. Good Luck! Your 32 billion dollars. Could go to charity or a tiger's stomach. Hope u'll find a perfect man / woman. Who has as much problems so you will be broke in the next 2 years and will be more then 1,320,000,000 in debt. Good Luck on the adventure of luxury and financial problems. Hope u get the to lvl 100 boss. with the problem nobody has ever passed. Status.
    People will be disgusted and would make your status worse. Making you sad and wanting to sue to person for more money. People will feel more disgusted and mad. making it even worse. You'll have psychological problems and need doctors and therapy to help u. But they will not after looking at your status. Making you more depressed, have more anxiety and could lead up to self harm. If that goes on. You'll eventually try to commit suicide, which would fail and police will arrest you. Making you even more sad and angry. Your dad pay's you out of prison and you gotten a suprising -84324743897248973248972384973289 status. Even worse then Mark Zuckerberg. Your final suicide attempt works and ur last moments make u regret everything u have done and the only thing you will hear is your heart beating and screaming.

    Spoiled/Entitled kid: * cries *

    Me: Oh no! You are crying. I'll give you my new car, my house, my phone, my cat, my computer, my channel and all my total 300.000 dollars. all free.

    Spoiled/Entitled kid: Really peasant?! Oh my god thank you.

    Me: No.

    Spoiled/Entitled kid: I will sue you! For scamming me.

    Me: I will sue YOU for: Threatening and theft.

    Spoiled/Entitled kid: u dont have evidence HA!

    Me: I recorded and filmed all of it.

    And thats why u dont become spoiled as shit.

    Made by Zyon de Vos To prevent copy and paste people

  3. all these people need to be lined up and executed…and their parents…nobody should have so much when so few go without even clean water to drink…someday the poor..will and i am serious here, we will rise up and eat the rich..your days are numbered assholes

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