The Real Reason Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Split

If you’re new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift Actor and comedian Jim Carrey first met actress and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy in …


  1. See when a relationship isn't fun anymore you just end it. Don't communicate or anything, just end it because it should be fun. Then when the next relationship isn't fun just end that one as well saying it's their fault.

  2. Doesn't her child have a father??? Besides l couldn't understand why anyone would want to spend time with this weirdo, Jim Carey. His got those crossed eyes that look as if the lights are on but there is no one at home.

  3. Man she is lucky she got away when she did he has gonorrhea, herpes, and several other std's and when his girlfriend that committed suicide ask him about it he called her nasty ! WTF you gave this woman all these disease's and she is nasty I hope you warn the new one the last time I looked it was a crime to have unprotected sex if you know you have a disease. They need to start locking people up that pass these disease's on knowingly to other people that is so disgusting !!!!

  4. The real reason is that 90% of all Hollywood relationships are totally fake. Every actor, singer, celeb is a total mess, because they have all sold their souls to the Devil for fame and they are all so full of demons and split personalaties through channeling different characters that nobody would get along with any of those Freaks. Besides, most of them are gay and trannies anyways. America is the new Sodom and as Sodom did, God will punish that satanic whore of Babylon.

  5. At 3:26 is says they butted head over parenting styles. No kidding. She is a dumb woman who cares only about herself, and will use her kid to strike out at a man. While the man will try and protect the kid, even when it is not his. Typical example of a mother, and why kids today, both boys, and girls are growing up to be so messed up. Most are raised by single mothers.

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