The Real Reason We Don’t Hear About Jon Heder Anymore

If you’re new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-looper Jon Heder shot to fame with the 2004 indie hit Napoleon Dynamite. Just a few years later, he pretty …


  1. I dont really watch Clarence but I did see that episode and I fell in love with Star vs the forces of evil so HOW! Did I not notice his voice on both occasions but especially star maybe I just thought they sounded similar because I haven't heard his name in a bit idk but still. Inexcusable to me.

  2. While my cousin Joe was on his mission he actually met Jon. It was close to when the movie was done filming or was released I can't remember. But Jon was in his same ward.

  3. I think that one problem is his roles all seem to be variations on the same themes: socially inept, nerdy/geeky manchildren. He is good looking enough to play a charming, funny leading man, if he could get cast as one.

  4. Heder could probably get back in the spotlight if he wanted to, but "if" is the operative word. He just doesn't want to be famous. Napoleon Dynamite started as a short film for a BYU film studies class, and it was so well received there that they convinced them to do a full-length and submit it to Sundance film festival, and from there it took off as did his career. Now he's got a wife and kids, a scandal-free life, and makes plenty of money doing voice work and wants nothing more.

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