The Scariest True Pokemon GO Stories

Pokemon GO is all fun and games… right? While it may be easy to get some enjoyment out of Niantic’s explosive augmented reality game, the mobile app also …


  1. yesterday i was playing pokemon go i was trying to catch a charzard i caught him but then a guy un a killer clown suit approched me and i ran for 1/2 miles i turned around i saw him running after me i turn around ran passed him at the same time i reached him i puched th clown

  2. I member waking through a park to defeat the gym when I see a shadow near the houses across from where the park was I saw the shadow walk twords me so I pull out my pocket knife but that's when I realized he had a massive blade in his hands I ended up losing the gym battle and I lost my pocket knife, I never called the police I don't know why I didn't but it was a horrible mistake because my friend lives near the park and someone broke into his house soon after I witnessed the shadow

  3. I was playing Pokemon go and I was with friends and we
    saw a abandoned house, we went inside because there was a Pikachu and inside we kept hearing things fall, then when we all met in 1 spot we saw someone walking towards us and we ran as fast as we can, it was also in the woods so yeah but we got home safely but that was so scary

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