Dom Mazzetti has a surprise!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkCBPn8H0jI&t=25s There is a reason why I talk so much.. INTERACT WITH ME!


  1. I love that you talk a lot in your videos, makes me feel we are part of what's happening, and i can relate to a lot of stuff, Screw the haters

  2. Bradley, in some videos you are talking to us. But in videos like this you are teaching us. Love how I can relate to the mental aspect and the always see the positive side part (gives me goosebumps), been like this all my life and try to teach it to the people around me. Keep it up brother. Much love from Amsterdam

  3. its like an instrument, you actually haf tuh like practice and keep doing it over and over again to master it, its not like you just pick it up and ur like instantly a master, its sum that you gotta do again and again to get to the point where you wanna be at you know

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