Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World

The united states is a wonderful place, but its also the place for a lot of strange things that confuse the rest of the world. Here are some weird things about …


  1. I don't think American's lack of travel outside the US is due to to limited vacation days. The cheapest other countries to go to (the closest) is Canada, and Mexico. As far as Mexico, go to south Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona and south California and you can basically experience Mexico, especially in New Mexico.

    Over in European nations people can decide to take a 5-8 hour drive for a vacation and be in another country. 5-8 hour drive in America has you in another state unless you live close to an international boarder. It's not weird that we don't do much international travel, simply because our closest neighbors are far away from most Americans.

    For us it's expensive to go visit a European nation. For Europeans though, they can hop into their car and drive to any number of countries for much cheaper than we can fly to them.

  2. We can't leave the office because we'd be fired or broke. My employer offers no vacation days or pay. If you schedule off, you don't get paid or you're fired WHILE on vacation because you didn't cover a shift even when the company knew you'd be in vacation 2 weeks ahead of time. It's used to fire people in the USA and screw over workers.

  3. The U.S. doesn't use the Imperial system which was adopted around 1824. We declared independence in 1776, formed the present government in 1789. Our system is usually called U.S. customary units or just English units.

  4. “Americans eat fake cheese”

    Sure. We have Easy Cheese that no one has eaten since the 90s. Meanwhile the Brits are still loving the god forsaken cheese whiz we essentially made purely for them.

  5. One thing to add is CARS. Cars in USA is so essential, you can't go anywhere without it. If you don't have a car, you either have to rent one or get uber/lyft.

    Other countries are very commuter or motorcycle driven.

  6. I hate when people say American's don't travel internationally… When the nation is the size of Europe that same statistic must be in the light of Europeans excluding all other European nations. Else asking an American if they have ever visited other US States should be the equivalent (and a majority of us have, of course).

  7. Its worth noting that Canada uses both. Most of their measurements are metric except for construction (my assumption is that the US being such close neighbors and in particular their shared lumber industry, Canada found it cheaper just to conform to the larger market share instead of having two separate production lines).

  8. You cannot get salvia spice (which europeans commonly use on meat), mirabelles (wild plums) or kinder suprise eggs. What you can buy in America freely? Guns.

    Carrying BEER openly in public? Forbidden. Carrying a gun? Perfectly okay.

  9. It’s not that we don’t like to travel internationally, it’s that America is so large that we don’t really need to. Florida and New York for example….been to both and they’re very different experiences.

  10. Since when does Italy call calcio “soccer” hate that word so much if Americans come to Europe and say soccer people will look at them or laughing at them

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