This Mysterious Rotating Island Has Finally Been Explained

Located northwest of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, lies this strange mysterious circular island which. Its been the location of numerous unrelated UFO sightings …


  1. 03:01 he was right as u said water was vary cold and alien hide out we all know to be an antartica so it would made sense for that to be some passage to antartica as thats the only was to explaing cold water in swamp envirement

  2. In Sweden, perfectly circular blocks of ice forms most winters. They are created when streaming water makes the block rotate. Rotation creates circles. Nothing new. EDIT: Now I see the video brings that up.

  3. The explanation sounds good but this circle is different from the others it has precision you don't get from just natural formations like what you have shown in your vid. I think there's more to this than just a natural formation.

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