Thoracic Mobility Drill Gone Bad (OOPS!)

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  1. Hey Jeff- In most cases of extreme kyphosis, the paitent is also in constant scapular protraction. Wouldn't you want them to be more neutral(scapular) in this exercise, so as not to reinforce this imbalance?

  2. Is there a stretch routine that could be done every day that would mobilize every single part of the body? I'm very stiff and in a lot of pain from the t junction, the doctors think it's pinching a nerve. I know everything in your body is related to one another. I know the spine needs to be mobilized, my legs, my arms, my feet, my shoulders, ect.

  3. I'm not so sure about the second half of these exercises, specifically the second part of the second-half when flexing the lower lumbar.

    That's an unnatural position for the spine to experience and is likely going to cause pain over time if repeated enough, although it may feel good at the time.

    "Isolating and exercising the lower back muscles while performing therapeutic, back isolation, progressive resistance exercises actually amplifies back pain. To reduce pain, rotational torso motion must originate from the hips and shoulders and not come about through rotation and flexion of the spinal column."

    -Stuart McGill
    Back Mechanic

  4. I do think it would be a lot easier using a double tennisball or double lacross ball instead of a foam roller (you won't experience the problem with the shoulderblades and it is even less expensive then the foamroller ><

  5. I have had physiotherapy before now and been shown how to use the foam roller for tensions in the back caused by a dislodged rib from the sternum.

    I just watched this video and it showed a quite different technique As soon as I lowered my pelvis and rolled over the top of my back with arms up like shown in this video I seem to have dislodged something on the other side now too!!!! and am now in a LOT of pain.. I would not recommend trying any of these foam roller exercises unless shown by an actual physician especially if you are aware of an actual problem you are trying to solve. It is a risky business.

    I have had a problem with a dislodged rib ever since a rugby accident 7 years ago. It has never got better and I don't know if it ever will. I would not recommend trying this for yourself from just by watching a video. It is so easy to do more damage than good if you get the slightest movement wrong.

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