Too Many Reasons Why Disney Fired Star Wars: Episode 9 Director Colin Trevorrow – MILLENNIAL FALCON

Jenny has on special guest Mr. Sunday Movies to go over every angle of why Disney fired another director. Subscribe Now! ▻▻ http://sj.plus/SJNewsSubscribe …


  1. Why does millennial falcon/Jenny get downvoted so much? It's the best new Screen Junkies show since movie fights imo, and all of the comments are overwhelmingly (and deservedly) positive, but there's always a really high downvote ratio.

  2. I dont watch this channel often, but i might do that more now. This Jenny was on fire. She has a great, confident sense of humor that you dont often find in women. Often they go far too ''laughy'' ruining it, or going super gross. But this girl was ON POINT 10/10

  3. Glad Trevorrow is off IX. Jurassic World's script was offensively stupid. And before anyone says "there's nothing wrong with fun, fluffy blockbusters", there's a difference between a fun movie that doesn't disappear up its own ass and a movie where every character acts like a moron to advance the plot. Jurassic Park was a fun, fluffy blockbuster. Jurassic World was an Uwe Boll movie with a bigger budget and competent actors.

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