Top 10 Airplane Things You Don’t Know The Purpose Of

Airplanes have had wings, controls and some kind of motor but planes have evolved significantly. The commercial airliner you fly in now has features that Orville …


  1. The ignorance of our population is astounding in its abundance!!! The plane itself is not the lesson taught in this video if you really pay attention…. 1. doesnt matter if the "death zone" is 3000 or 8000 meters and thats clearly to high to be a ble to visually enjoy sight seeing our perception of distance is extremely distorted. We can easily see towns or cities clearly from miles on mountain sides looking down. There is a contradiction here, meaning this plane(t) is much smaller than we as a whole perceive it. 2. The fuel in the plane is mostly for the cabin and stored in the wings, they MUST fuel dump before landing because excess weight in those long little wings would snap them of on impact like twigs, and the power is supplied to the plane at the terminal and once rolling it then powers to acieve take off speed so, therefore; the must recieve power from something besides fuel?? Yes!!! compressed air!!! I.e. Tesla Roadster 2020, a compressed air engine supercar 620 mpg and if you used an air compresser to spin up the engine it wouldnt even require fuel! So yes you could breathe the air from the turbine. No one ever has ever had a toxic reaction using an air hose in a closed place, unless you were dumb enough not to put the compressor outside said area. And "line of sight" with an Extremly straight dash in entire window view from pilots seat to judge landing correctly?? Must mean he needs to be able to stay LEVEL with the ground a any airport across the PLANE of Earth [Geometrically a plane and a sphere are not the same] that is much smaller than taught by our evil indoctrinating education systems and that the ability to waste any amounts of fuel that you pay for, not them, means there is no fossil fuel "oil" crisis either………………i digress if you cant see that that little informationabout a plane actually gives you insight to some degree to the effect your lives are manipulated and propagated to oppress you and your fellow man into a slave system that gives few the ability to reighn like kings over not some but all that should be abundant and plentiful to all of God's creations then the bounds of your ignorance is truly "boundless"

  2. "Fact" 8 is wrong as a lot of the time (as its too noisy) the APU is not used on stand and an external GPU is used to power the AC and the noise you can hear is the air conditioning packs which is why the noise goes when the aircraft's engines are being started as all the bleed air from the APU is needed to start the engines.

  3. If you see a hook on the wing that was put in by divers so the recovery team could hoist the wing out of the water and take it to be fitted on another plane.

  4. Winglets don't stop vortices from forming just reduces the effect of induced drag on the wing. If you are generating lift you are forming a vortex unless you have an infinitely long wing

  5. 7:40 The bleed air doesn't come from the turbines, but from the air compressor stages. The turbine stages are driven by burning gases in the combustion chambers. Can you imagine how hot a side-port bleed-off from one of the turbines would be?

  6. Well, this is kinda off topic… But Wash (Alan Tudyk) from Firefly had these 3 switches that he would always flip for everything. They did absolutely nothing, but whenever something was happening, he would flip them to make scenes more exciting.

  7. 8. It's the air conditioning system from the ground cart. The APU doesn't start until push back

    7. Tomato is a fruit you dumb moron. You talk alot of bullshit

    4. Side stick is only on Airbus aircraft

    3. Bleed air system is to defrost the wings

  8. I've always wondered if the people who put advertisements in YouTube videos know that 99.9% of us skip them? The ones they force you to watch are the worst and for those I use my speaker 'mute' key. More wasted efforts by advertisers who, incidentally, are no different than telemarketers. Annoying and usually ignored.

  9. Have you ever explained that the insulation in the aircraft is used for several reasons? To keep the passengers from freezing, to keep the condensation from raining down on the passengers, to help keep them warm at high altitudes! Otherwise they would be pretty cold! …… I installed the Blankets made of 10” of fiberglass, compressed down to 3” wrapped in fire retardant fabric ,in the interior of the aircraft! For Boeing! The carpet is also made of Fire retardant fabric! I made the Carpets for the MD 11s! Thank you for explaining the wing tips! I worked on them and I always wondered!

  10. I worked in airport few years ago,grooming planes all day long..some planes have bedrooms below the floors,in the middle of the plane..especially for A380 and A330-400 and many Boeing 747allow up to 6 crew staff to sleep in at once..very good for long flights of 12 hours

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