Top 10 Album Cover Hidden Meanings You Didn’t Know

You may know the covers of your favorite albums like the back of your hand. But do you know what some of those iconic cover images mean? Why was that …


  1. I think the Californication cover features a red sky reflected on the pool water and beyond that, a huge tidal wave. I think it ties in with the lyric "tidal waves couldn't save the world from Californication"

  2. Nirvanas never mind album to me has a far deeper meaning, I’m thinking that the baby is all of us when we were well, babies. The baby is swimming towards the dollar symbolizing that we are born to be greedy and will do anything for money

  3. Kurt Cobain was right. Only closet pedophiles were offended by a baby's penis on the album cover because THEY were the only ones obsessed by it and making a big deal out of it

  4. I got one it's Kool moe Dee. 1987 album How you like me now the hidden message in that album cover is kool moe Dee is standing in front of a Jeep with his left foot on top of LL Cool Js hat.

  5. The Nirvana Album Actually Symbolized Kurt Kobains Personal Life Before Fame…The Dollar Symbolizes The Real Reason Why He Wanted To Become A Star And "Nevermind" Is How He Felt After Reaching The Dollar And Being Pulled Up…

    Not Sure About Any Of That Other Shit But "Nevermind" Is Pretty Blatant To Me

  6. So many comments about the naked nirvana baby. The way i see it nudity is not automatically sexual or pornographic its just the natural state of our bodies. Yes nudity can be made sexual, and even children can be sexualized, but i find it disturbing when people call an image of a naked infant "porn" if you see something sexual in that photo maybe your the problem.. I still have a photo of me and my brother naked on the swings as little kids, and i think its a cute picture, definitely nothing sexy about it! yet i have seen images of children fully clothed in provocative poses.. its not always black and white. I imagine the number of actual infantophiles enjoying that picture, compared to the amount of people complaining they will or might is quite dramatic. Anyway that's my opinion. Babies are born naked get over it.

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