Top 10 Amazing Facts About BRUCE LEE

Welcome to Top10Archive! He was a martial arts legend, starring in over two dozen films and inspiring handfuls of posthumous video games and documentaries …


  1. Δεν προλαβαινει κάνεις μας να μάθει τα τρέχοντα και τα γεγονότα που συμβαίνουν
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    εισιτήριο για την καλύτερη
    κόλαση έχουμε με αμαρτίες
    η λευκό εν αίματι Χριστού
    για το αιώνιο τραπέζι ΈΔΕΙΧΝΑ

  2. Just the fact that he became Hong Kong's cha cha champion speaks volumes about his drive and dedication to any endeavor he undertook. While many would get comfortable at winning such an event, he strived for more challenges and for perfection of himself.

  3. He contributed so much in his short life to martial arts. His teachings are still some of the best around even long after his death. Reading his books alone definitely revolutionized my martial arts journey — and even the way I look at people, life, perception, and the universe. I learned so much from Bruce. I wish I could thank him.

  4. I'll always be a fan of Bruce Lee, but I can't help but LOL that he couldn't drive for shit!!! For me that only makes him more human……….. RIP Mr. Lee.

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