Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Household Objects

Ordinary Household objects can create amazing science experiment you’d never have thought of. Here’s some seriously wacky uses and experiments for …


  1. people talkin about the lead/graphite like it was the biggest mistake in this video, not a single mention of the milkstone that's "hard to break by hand" and then the pair of hands snaps it in two

  2. 1:40 Back in the 80s, a kid was playing with drano bombs in his own back yard. Neighbors complained and the police arrested him. I'm not sure what they charged him with, but he ended up being sent to a home for juevenile delinquents – away from his parents, friends, and school. But here's the scariest part – which is why it stuck with me this long – the judge said he was a dangerous person because he KNEW HOW to make these bombs. Not for the actual making of the bombs, but KNOWING HOW to do it made him dangerous.
    And now everyone under 18 who watched this video is dangerous enough to be sent to a juvenile detention center until they're 18, according to that judge. Every….one…of…. you.

  3. No, when life give you lemons, you don’t use them as batteries, they don’t generate that much electricity. So when you try using them as batteries, you’re just wasting them.

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