Top 10 Banned Dog Breeds

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  1. it is NOT the dog or the breed of the dog, it's the person or people who have the dog. ANY breed or mixed breed of dog can be taught/ trained to be as Gentle as a fly or as mean as a bobcat. Do NOT blame the dog or single out specific dog breeds, blame the person/ people who have the dog. Dogs ONLY do what they are taught/ trained to do. And as for ' street dogs/ stray dogs '. At one point in time, SOMEONE owned a relative of THAT dog. So That person is the reason for THAT dog being a street dog/ stray dog. If THAT person hadn't abandoned/ left behind/ discarded/ surrendered their dog, then their dog would either still be with them or in Heaven and NOT wondering around somewhere breeding with other dogs and contributing to the ALREADY over population of dogs wondering the streets as a stray dog. It ALL comes back to the human race, NOT the animal. THINK about it. PEOPLE are to blame for the way dogs are, NOT the dogs!

  2. These dogs are only classed as dangerous because their retarded owners don't teach them to be loved they just use them for fighting so the dogs shouldn't be banned, the owners that train them badly should be banned

  3. The best dog in the world is my Am Staff, Chico. If we ever ended up in some court, I would challenge anyone to take Chico home for a few days, and bet $1000, payable to the SPCA, that they would not want to give him back to me. He'll bark when someone comes to the house, then it's sniff sniff sniff, and they lick , lick, lick.

  4. Tectonically it's not "banned" unless it's a worldwide ban because you can go somewhere and still own it also American bulldog and pitbull is banned in America why is our country so restrictive also non of these are banned in Australia because I'm pretty sure they need some these dogs to help them live a little bit

  5. Almost every dog says banned in the USA except I'm pretty sure that of those I have seen around rather it's going to vegas I spot one of them walking by with their owner this video is weird

  6. Just goes to show to stupidity of policy makers. Banning a breed of dog due to a a score of attacks on humans, While allowing virtually unbridled ownership of handguns which result in tens of thousands of fatalities each year.

  7. I like what y'all said you Make very good points we take responsibility to teach hour dogs how to respect people and animals and people do need know how to read a dogs a body language some dogs are just more agresvi they all have their own personality just like people and it is sad but a lot people know their tuff and want to test them the bad thing is that they get addicted to rush from that type of stuff . and always watch real close when a strange dog is around a lot of scared dogs we'll snap at another dogs . then you have trouble they don't back down and if they have a real strong drive. the bad thing is in most cases where people get attacked is because the dog has has a bad timmpermit and usually this is because the owner turn on to fighting or teasing are something of the sort and the owner over looks it being stupid knowing he should have something about . that's what I hate you never know what any dog has been through the news just makes them out to be crazy. people need to stop holding a gruge there just dogs in wild they have no choice it's fight are die .their only acting on insink and is bite when scread or aggrieved
    but dogs are kinda like kids you only get out what you put in and 99% of time I would bet that the owner incurged this. that's why we need to speak out for them because they are very loveable and loyal. we had one before I was able to walk my mom said that I would hold on to tale and he would drag me around on my diaper till I was able to hold my self up then I would just hold on for Balance no bs true story .

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