Top 10 Best Female Star Trek Characters

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  1. Wow, I don't agree with your list.

    1) Janeway
    2) T'Pol
    3) Uhura
    4) Majel Barrett as "Number One" (Original un-aired Pilot: The Cage) Also she played: Nurse Chappel (TOS), Deanna Troi's Mom Lwaxana (TNG). &, the voice of the computer for TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager and the animated version of Star Trek. But, the ranking of 4th is for the single role as "Number One".
    5) Seven of Nine
    6) Kes
    7) Torres
    8) Susan Oliver as "Vina" (Original un-aired Pilot: The Cage)
    9) Sally Kellerman as Dr. Denner (TOS). Season 1, Episode 3: "Where No Man Has Gone Before" This is the first episode I ever watched when I was a kid. And, it's my favorite.
    10) and, Deanna Troi (Because, why not.) Never really cared for TNG. It really is the weakest of all the shows. And, the hardest to watch and re-watch.

  2. Deanna Troi is my least favorite character.
    Dr Crusher, well, not really bad, but not charismatic enough.
    Dr Marcus, nope, not in my list. Too insignificant.
    Tasha Yar? No, Commander Sela, yes. Put at least one baddy on that list!
    Major Kira? Well, she replaced Enseign Ro who declined the role. I prefered Ro Laren, from far.
    Guinan? Nah, boring.

    So, put Dax in the list, Ro Laren, K'ehleyr and my personal favorite: Vash.

  3. I like when they are talking about Janeway & her "dealing with alien races no Starfleet officer had encountered before," they show a picture of Chakotay… He was definitely human, even in that episode & that pictured shot lol.

  4. Kira & Jadzia Dax are the BEST, most dynamic and fleshed out female characters. In fact, most of DS9's characters are some of the best written, multidimensional and complex people in the entire franchise.

  5. Missing a few of my personal faves: Ro, Leeta, and maybe even Kes (before they decided they needed to sex it up and replace her with Seven). Could also make a case for a couple of recurring guest stars if I took some time to think about it, like Vash.

  6. My personal top 10:

    1) Guinan
    2) Beverley Crusher
    3) Uhura (Original version)
    4) Jadzia Dax
    5) Kira Nerys
    6) Deanna Troi
    7) Ro Laren (Candidate for award for most criminally under-used character in history)
    8) T'Pol
    9) Kathryn Janeway (writers should be fired for poorly writing this character; thankfully Kathryn Mulgrew was good enough to salvage the characer…mostly)
    10) Hoshi Sato and Ezri Dax (great stories of growing up into their potential)

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