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  1. No soon as the iPhone was available past AT&T, got one with Sprint only to find they didnt have 4G in my area & didnt give any indication (at that time) when it would be. I switched over & never looked back. Good riddance, Sprint.

  2. sears is the worst!! sears auto, the, worst. scammers and the main office line doesnt work. they need to close, i just feel bad for all the employees. check my page for my sears rant!!

  3. I was not happy when my town lost both Sears and Kmart a good few years ago. Especially Kmart since I had always prefer it over Walmart. Now the closest Sears and Kmart is probably a good 20 minutes or so away. From where I live in Pennsylvania. And who knows how much longer they might be around.

  4. Surprised JCPenny isn't gone already with its horrible advertising and marketing. But you're wrong about Trip Advisor. It's globally established as the gold standard for travel reviews in the trillion dollar tourism industry. Travel booking sites are really in another industry all together and in fact aren't looking so great themselves with big hotel mergers like the Marriott acquisition of Starwood Hotels.

  5. Huh? JC Penney still exists somewhere? I think I saw broken, dilapidated lettering on several dead and half torn down malls that could have said "Sears" at some point… but I'd need a machete and a sherpa to get back to the over grown forest I saw it in…

  6. I've only heard of 5 of these companies (JC Penny, Sprint, Aéropostale, Sears and Avon). I guess its because I live in Canada; and so I only have been inside a JC Penny once or twice in my life when I visited the U.S., and only Sears (known as Sears Canada in Canada) and Aéropostale have a presence in Canada.

  7. oh darn and I just got sprint!
    On a different note,I am glad sears is going out of business. I stole a $10 neckless for a girl when I was like 12 and they tried to milk me for hundreds of dollars.

  8. when JCPENNEY in my town closed most of the town and neighboring towns were very upset and angry about it. I live in the biggest town of the area (pop 27k) and we have all the name brand and big stores and restaurants for the other towns in the area for about a 30 minute radius (most of the other towns I'm referring to have a population lower then 4k) when K Mart and Sears closed I'm my town people were upset but not near as much as over JCPENNEY. but if I remember correctly it wasnt JCPenneys fault for closing in town it was the towns fault. they bought it out to make it a roller skating rink and a arcade an pretty much a teen hangout because it was part of a mall( and scince they left other stores have left and businesses are struggling because it's pretty much now a dead mall) and they haven't even done anything with the building it's just been sitting empty

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