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  1. I cant take Raglan. I immediately get a Parkinson's like shake. And w out Lorazepam– will continue this shaking for hours. It feels like you can't control the shakes or the anxiety that goes along w it. I also have taken Prednisone packs for yrs. I now have Osteoporosis

  2. I know this isn't the point of the video, but please remember that there also significant benefits to these drugs. The side effects discussed in this video are well known and its only against these side effects that the benefits are compared.

  3. this video is sensationalist garbage, most of these drugs are used to treat serious conditions where the benefit of using the drug outweighs the risk of not. Every drug comes with side effects, some more serious than others, patients are informed about these side effects and can make the decision in their own time with guidance from their doctor. Garbage like this will put people at serious risk. Clozapine is used in schizophrenia that has not responded to anti-psychotics- considering the suicide rate in schizophrenia is around 10% versus the risk of agranulocytosis which is about 0.8%. This video will do a lot more damage than the drugs its criticising

  4. Always enjoyed your videos, but the unrelated click-bait thumbnails are completely unnecessary and really annoying. It makes the channel look desperate and unprofessional and, frankly, a quick way for me and many others to not want to bother watching videos.

  5. I'm surprised Zolpidem didn't make the list. I could list hundreds of personal bad experiences I had on it. How that drug managed to get past regulation authorities is a mystery to me. I'm guessing brown envelopes filled with cash was part of it.

  6. My mom was put on a medication that caused her to have seizures. Even though she was taken off of it after a nurse put 2 and 2 together before the doctor did, she still has them to this day. After my mom talked to the doctor about what the nurse had said to her regarding the life threatening side effect the doctor was very balsé in telling her "If you didn't like the side effect you should have stopped taking the medication."

  7. You want to add LATUDA on to this list, lol
    I'm on Latuda and the list of side effects on that shit is so long and could even cause death.
    I have to take additional medication to help with the side effects of latuda.

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