Top 10 Declassified Secrets the CIA Doesn’t Want You To Know

The Central Intelligence Agency or CIA is more or less the closest thing that the real world has to an actual supervillain group. The following top 10 list will …


  1. My bio father/grandfather was in the military and was part of the CIA and he was fucked up when he got back. As you can see in the beginning of what I said. He was a vigilante killer when he got back and never caught for it. Pretty insane if you ask me. My aunt, moms sister told me a lot of horrors they endured as children.

  2. NATO = Nazi American Terrorist Organization – a generic name. In other parts of the world they have a more localized name like Al Qaeda, ISIS, whatever… But they all are nothing but mercenaries working for america. The media is paid to show "terrorist attacks" and "russia's aggression" while america steals oil behind the scenes. And you can't stop the propaganda, information war, since america owns media in all countries that are under the control of america, and that's about most of the countries on this planet. Enjoy your car ride and never think how many people had to be killed to provide gas for your car.

  3. Can't believe you left out the CIA's decades-long direct involvement in the control, cover-up and disinformation regarding the reality of the UFO/ET/Alien presence about the planet. Obviously, they're still doing a pretty good job — they've got you fooled. Too bad for the CIA that the UFOs/ETs/Aliens seem to not want to cooperate with The Company and still show up everywhere.

  4. The CIA sponsored Guatemalan Coup was what inspired Che Guevara to help Fidel Castro, without Che, Castro couldn't have overthrown Batista (Cuba's dictator), so it's their fault that Cuba became Communist

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