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  1. And commies & "socialists" [yeah, with the $ in their heads!] are SO arrogant & overbearing with their phony "intellectualism" when it comes to "marxism". No wonder we defender of capitalism look on them with contempt & hatred!

  2. All 'smart"? Let see, read how Einstein missed a check for $2,000 he put in one book in his bookcase, courldn' t remeber which one. Twain:? He made, like Hemingway later another "socialist", bundles of money selling books & living well with his cigars, Mandela was a murderer & still poverty is widespread in South Africa & now his deputies are stealing from the country treasury, Keller probably moved to the right in her last years [the picture with President Eisenhower, a capitalist defender, says so], & I can bet Orwell would had moved to the right if he had lived. Martin Luther King stole from his civil right coffer lots of money for women & vices, & Beltran Russell never quit his aristocratic titles. Yeah, suuuure, some "socialists". Shit, Mr Trump may be a bully but at least he his honest about been a capitalist.

  3. The comments below have made me nauseous. To say something like "socialism is literally freedom" means that you are completely detached from reality or incredibly ignorant. As long as it is human beings being governed, social can not work.

  4. An ordinary day in swedens public tooth health care.
    I am sitting in the waiting room with some other people. Some look worried, some look calm. A child is playing. On the wall there is a small picture of a rainbow flag. Here we sit and wait. A lot of different people but still with the same needs. We all have some problems with our teeths. The dentist and the nurse are very skilled and very kind. Afterwards when I am done a young man that is on his way in holds the door for me. I smile and say thanks. He smiles back.
    The people in the waitingroom had asian, nordic, afric and arabic roots. The dentist is a woman, probably with arabic roots. The nurse is a pregnant women, probably with nordc roots. The young man that holds the door looks arabic. Outside i see a poster from a racist violent group. I take my kees and scrape it down.
    Here in Sweden we have our ups and downs like everywhere. We have some criminals, and some burning cars. But we have many more people that are building a good life. If you love your contry. Dont belive the people that blame ethnic groups. Dont belive the trolls. And dont belive powerhungry leaders. They will use you, abuse you and throw you away.
    Please copy this and pas it on. All people that likes the human race. Go together and make a better world. A new modern socialism without strong leaders and with equal rights for all can make this world great again.

  5. I try to refrain from calling myself socialist now, many people who call themselves socialists usually are trying to say i am a Marxist or communist. But their is Right wing socialism too like "NATSOC" and "ARASOC". So i call myself a Marxist to detour confusion.

  6. It's funny how in America we teach how MLK got what he wanted by being peaceful and working within the system, when really he was about as anti-American as you could get at that time and even admitted that the Civil Rights Movement would have gone nowhere without a violent part to back it up.

  7. Famous does not mean Intelligent. Particularly where it comes to Economics and Politics.
    Why did you not give a preface of what socialism is to Actual Socialism. Say from Marx and then Lenin's parroting of Mark?

    Socialist are still stupd, and No MLK was not a Socialist you idiots.

  8. First Prime minister of Independent India Jawaharlal Nehru was well Known socialist . His ideas very deeply Socialist Influenced . He would have been a good choice . Indian secularism was Redefined or adopted according to his Ideas . Most of his policies where leaned towards USSR .

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