Top 10 Glass Tricks You Can Easily Do

Glass is an amazing material. There are loads of amazing experiments and life hacks you can do with glass that you should know about! Here are some …


  1. At the very beginning of the video he said one of the dumbest opinions (not fact) I’ve ever heard! He said that glass seems like the least versatile product on the planet. Only a moron or a preschooler would be dumb/ignorant enough to think that! By common sense everybody knows that glass is one of the most versatile things on our planet!

  2. Seriously?.. 4:42 Gloves. I understand about safety and all but obviously this was an American as they have to print "CAUTION HOT" or "CONTENTS MAY BE HOT" On a variety of products and items. Seems humanity is no longer educated by the trial and error aspect ; i.e fire is hot. Touch it once. Learn. Touch it twice it's your fault. Humanity is doomed.

  3. Actually the glass bottle breaks because when you hit it the water goes up the bottle and creates a vacuum at the bottom which then sucks the water down so fast that the water breaks the bottom out

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