Top 10 Homemade Weapons You Can Easily Make

Here are some simple ways to make homemade weapons with DIY household items you should have just lying around the house. This video will show you how …


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  2. Here’s an easy recipe for a portable Grenade!
    1. Take some dry ice!
    2.take an empty soda bottle!
    3. Your gonna have to put the dry ice into the soda bottle!
    4.Put it in a trash can !
    Then wait till your time bombs go off

  3. What i would do is full a small spray bottle with something flammable then bend a piece of metal at a 90° angle and not glue on then take a lit match or a lighter with a rubber band on it. And then spray.

  4. Awesome! The match cannon is a classic pub trick! Only you've turned it into a firearm as such xD
    We get 2 matches (preferably non saftey) wrap aluminium foil round the first match, halfway up the stick covering the head. Then get the other match, gently hold it so the 2 heads are just touching, wrap more foil round the 2 (not tight), wedge the now newly made projectile under ashtray of such, aim, light the middle & fire ! 😀

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