Top 10 Incredible Discoveries People Have Found Under Ground

From discovering treasure to unbelievable creatures, the ground beneath our feet has been a constant provider of both mystery and knowledge. Here are ten of …


  1. I always wondered what those wierd holes were, my dad told me he thought there were mineshafts or something.

    I'mma go exploring now…

  2. The word piqued isn't pronounced like picked. It's pronounced like peaked. Where the hell is the narrator from that he doesn't know that? And none of the editors knew to catch it either?

    FOCUS ON QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. Not catching stuff like this just makes you look lazy as hell or incredibly rushed. STOP making piss-poor quality videos every day and make videos WORTH WATCHING.

  3. I was metal detecting once and I found a button from a Union soldiers uniform from the American Civil War. I found it in central Missouri. I think it's on display in a museum now;'can't recall how much it was worth.

  4. the Saddle Ridge Hoard is thought to of been stolen from the San Francisco Mint by a worker there!
    that Ferrari is now driveable & has the California licence plate DUG UP on it

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